he job site can quite often be challenging, strenuous and sometimes unpredictable. However, one thing you should be certain of is the reliability of your tools to get the job done efficiently and safely.

In saying this, when using cutting and drilling equipment, Husqvarna power packs and electrical converters can provide great assistance to convert the power supply into the optimal force needed to get the job done. But just like any tools and construction equipment, these power packs need to be properly maintained to continuously provide real power for all of your cutting equipment. With proper care and up-keep, you can be guaranteed to your power cutting tools and drilling equipment will be able to withstand any task on the job site in a safe and efficient manner.

Prior to firing up your Husqvarna power pack for your high frequency electric saws and hydraulic concrete equipment, it is essential that you have read the instruction manual and understand how to safely operate the device if it is your first time doing so. You should also monitor and check the condition of your power pack before connecting it to a power supply. This should be conducted on a regular basis to guarantee its supreme working condition for the task at hand.

You should begin by observing the condition of the cables and look for any damage such as loose, exposed or frayed wires protruding from the cables. This can be problematic and pose potential threats to both yourself and work colleagues, possibly leading to electrocution, electrical fires, faulty operation and the violation of WHS practices. In fact, according to Safe Work Australia, 61% of all construction related fatalities were the result of electrocution, therefore checking cables is a must.

Along with the cables, it is important to oversee the general condition of the electrical converter. Pay attention to the housing of external fittings as this can impede the longevity and durability of the power pack. It is also vital to inspect the operation of the portable residual current device or PRCD. This device acts as a lifesaving mechanism as it is used to provide protection against electrical related dangers such as fire hazards. An emergency stop button is also fitted with every Husqvarna power pack and should be regularly checked to ensure it is working properly. With this in mind, any fault in the operation of the PRCD or emergency stop should result in the immediate cessation in the use of the power pack due to the potentially detrimental risks it may pose.

Once you are certain the power pack is ready for operation and you can power up your cutting tools with the prime force needed, place the device in a safe area. You should avoid setting up your power pack in close proximity to the cutting zone to minimise the chance of water and debris damaging the equipment. Such damage can again pose unnecessary dangers as well as greatly reduce the durability and functionality of the device. When you have finished with the power pack, it should be routinely washed simply with a wet rag or brush to remove any dirt that has been accumulated during its operation.

Some power packs in our range, including the Husqvarna PP 65 include an air filter to cool the device during operation. Along with routine checks and cleaning of the exterior of the power pack these air filters should be thoroughly cleaned and checked to maintain optimal performance.

Other models of power packs operate with a water cooling system that also needs to be consistently observed. These models include our electric power packs such as the PP 490 and PP 220, the electrically powered hydraulic models PP 455 E and PP 325 E, and the petrol-powered hydraulic model PP 518. In order to preserve the condition of these models, clean water should be flushed through after use as contaminated water may have been used on the work site.

Once the device has been adequately cleaned to preserve the efficiency the device, store the power pack and cables are appropriately stored in a safe location away from other equipment, water and debris that could potentially damage it. It is also advised that as the operator, you should check with your local Husqvarna dealer to be informed of any updates that require attention in relation to your power pack.

At Husqvarna, our power packs and electric converters are compatible with the PRIME product range and help to convert the power supply into the force needed to finish any task at hand. Aiming to help professionals succeed, our power packs have been cleverly designed to withstand the harsh conditions experienced in the construction industry. Through the regular maintenance of your Husqvarna power pack, you can be guaranteed real power for all of your cutting equipment, allowing for a great day on the work site.

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