The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses, big or small, to adopt different tools to continue functioning as they transition to virtual work spaces. This is because almost all countries around the globe have been affected by the pandemic, with close contact being prohibited.

It has come to our realization that some employers and their employees find remote/virtual work comfortable. Some studies even show that a higher percentage is permanently planning to stick to remote working.

Remote working has its benefits; office space and supplies cost is saved, employees don’t need to commute and can watch over their families, especially during this COVID-19 period.

Here are some tools you can use if you ever consider running a remote business;

Under team communication, you can use Slack( This is a messaging tool that helps your team cut through communication noises. Slack communication gives you full customization over your team messaging. Individual teams can also create groups if working on something specific like a project. Besides Slack, you can try Zoom ( for teleconferencing and Doodle for scheduling.

In regards to sales and marketing, you can use Mailchimp ( which makes it easy for an entire team to create and launch campaigns. It’s the best tool you can find when people work remotely in place of the normal electronic mail platform. Mailchimp comes with attractive templates, advanced analytics, and easy to use personalization. You can also try Hootsuite ( and Google Analytics.(

To help with matters of Productivity of your remote business, Trello ( can be used to create and manage a content calendar, track product launching, and managing marketing campaigns. Trello simplifies the management of projects by creating efficient task-lists. This helps keep employees focused and productive on what they do under their remote jobs. I can also suggest the use of Google Drive or Dropbox.

Under human resource and company culture, you can assess the performance of your remote employees; get their comments and feedback and check-ins between managers and employees, using the 15Five tool.

This tool is essential in that, even when employees are working from their own home space, their challenges and suggestions can be heard and worked upon.

There is also Expensify ( that can be used to manage expenses. Expensify makes submitting as well as the processing of digital receipts simple. It’s only a matter of taking a picture via the app and submitting it to HR.

If there is anything this pandemic season has taught us, it is that we can and should be open to embracing innovation and adaptability. Employers can shake off the thought that employees have to be physically in the office for results to happen.

Given the number of changes that have had to be adopted by many companies, we have seen that productivity and results can still be achieved from anywhere as long as there are efficient resources channeled to the team, as well as personal accountability and team unity and integrity.

We cannot assume that remote working is perfect. It definitely has its challenges, but we embrace and work on them to better innovate and improve the running and results of the business.

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