Tecnotree, a global provider of Business Support Systems for the telecom industry, today announced that one of the largest mobile operators in the Middle-East and Africa region has selected Tecnotree to implement a state-of-the-art DevOps based digital services delivery capability to further augment its Business Support Systems. The deal is worth approximately $4M and will enable faster time-to-market using agile processes and reusable services increased stakeholder satisfaction with the enhanced customer experience and new revenue streams, operational excellence with built-in quality, and cost optimization for the operator by using industry best practices.

This digital services delivery engagement with the CSP reinforces Tecnotree’s partnership with the customer and showcases Tecnotree’s ability to support DevOps-based accelerated services delivery capability with agile, smarter and operationally efficient solutions that provide a better quality of digital services experience to its customers.

At the heart of this solution engagement is Tecnotree’s Surge Digital Accelerator Platform (DAP) that enables the CSP with an end-to-end digital orchestration and delivery capability using a catalog of pre-integrated microservices having the ability to rapidly enable new microservices and workflows as needed using DAP’s low-code/no-code capabilities. With the inherent capability of connecting different business services and communities, the increased use of automation and cross-functional collaboration provides an opportunity for the CSP to further expand and enhance its digital services and customer experience landscape. The automated deployment and standardized production environments also make deployment predictable and liberate users from time-consuming routine and repetitive tasks.

‘We are delighted to continue partnering with the CSPs on this new collaborative digital DevOps offering which will be highly beneficial for our customers to rapidly launch new digital services, thus, accelerating revenue growth while continuing to optimize and improve the business as a whole in terms of speed, agility and reduction in operational costs. It also enables greater partnership, the cross-functional collaboration between our customers and Tecnotree that automatically delivers maximum speed, reusability and innovation’, said Padma Ravichander, Tecnotree CEO.

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Tecnotree, established in 1978, is a publicly traded company from Finland and is a long-term software provider to Digital Service Providers. With a large global presence and major global telecom clientele across all major geographies of Europe, Latin America, Asia-pacific, Middle-East & Africa, Tecnotree provides end-to-end Digital Business Support Systems products & services, including system integration and managed services. Recognized by Gartner, TM Forum, Omdia and various other analyst firms and an early adopter of Open-APIs and microservices based approach, the company caters to the needs of operators of all sizes and has strategic partnerships with top global telecom service providers. List includes some of the largest as well as emerging service providers globally like MTN Group, Telefonica, stc, Claro AMX, Mauritius Telecom, B Mobile, and many other.

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