Seodity has just launched their new search engine optimization platform
You might have heard of CD Projekt Red (the developers of Cyberpunk 2077) or Live Chat already. But there are many more tech companies from Poland worth keeping an eye on. One of them has just released a tool that will help you steal the #1 position on Google’s search engine results page.
Seodity is a company that has set its sights on joining the top search engine optimization apps. The goal of Seodity is not only to become a cheap alternative to Semrush and Ahrefs. They want to change the way people come up with SEO content ideas altogether.
Marcin Pastuszek and Grzegorz Graczyk have worked for over 3 years to come up with their SEO platform.
Marcin Pastuszek: Content marketing professionals and SEO agencies usually need to jump between several tools. One solution is great for keyword research, another is good for technical SEO site audits, and so on. If you want to drive traffic to your website you need to invest a lot of money—just to get the tools! Our idea was to merge all of these great features in one app and offer it for a fraction of the competitors’ price.
The results?
Seodity has been already tested by over 2,500 users. Many SEO professionals were surprised by the number of features it offers. It has everything that you would normally expect from a solution for search engine optimization. You can use Seodity to monitor your website traffic, check out backlinks, or do a thorough technical SEO audit.
But there is more.
All businesses want their websites to rank high in Google. But keyword research, as we know it, is a complex process that requires many analytical skills. Generating reports in Ahrefs (or other app) is usually only the first step. Many SEO professionals export the results and go over each keyword manually. The whole thing takes patience and specialist knowledge.
The creators of Seodity want to simplify it and make their tool more intuitive. About 90% of the manual work with keywords can actually be reverse-engineered by analyzing top search results. Seodity does it automatically.
Grzegorz Graczyk: Our main goal was to provide a frictionless user experience. And creating an SEO platform that is also user-friendly is quite a challenge. We knew that the very idea behind the tool and the way Seodity worked were innovative. But that’s also why it was very easy to mess up the interface or make the dashboards overly complicated. After a series of user testing sessions and collecting tons of feedback, we finally got it right. It shows the right data, the UI is intuitive, and it automates some of the most boring SEO tasks.
The tool has advanced competitive analysis options that make keyword research simpler and faster. Instead of doing SEO research from scratch you type in the domain names of your competitors. And you get suggestions of article ideas complete with keywords and traffic. The tool scrapes the best pieces of content of the websites and gives you their full analysis.
Marcin Pastuszek: There are many exciting updates coming soon. We are currently working on the improvement of the automatic competitor analysis. This feature is something we are very proud of. But we want to fine-tune it and make it even more accurate. Our integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console is on its way too!
You can test Seodity by creating a free account on the official website of this new SEO platform.

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