Online advertising is critical for attracting customers and revenues for all sizes of companies. But there are times advertisers have less time to communicate with their audience. If you want to reap the most out of your online ads, research suggests you should focus on simplicity and not cleverness.

In today’s hectic online environment, you have extremely little time to get consumers to see and comprehend your ads. So, it’s important that your ads be central and straightforward. Simple ads make a bigger impact than clever, visually complex ads.

Research shows that a large number of people actively try to avoid ads. So complexity doesn’t pay off online, especially for ads that have a short exposure time.

Researchers have tested reactions to ads over periods as short as 100 milliseconds, which is less than a full glance. The ads are divided into three categories: upfront ads, which present a product in a straightforward, expected, and typical way; mystery ads, whose visual complexity requires work on the part of the viewer to decode; and false-front ads, which use a clear image of one thing to sell something else.

The experiments looked at the participants’ reactions 100 milliseconds, 500 milliseconds, two seconds, five seconds, and 30 seconds after they viewed an ad. A final experiment let the participants look at ads as long as they wanted.

The study’s authors found that upfront ads were understood. The mystery ads weren’t viewed positively at a glance but they gained in approval over time. The false-front ads were initially received positively because they appeared logical. However, the longer the participants looked at these ads, the less favorably they viewed them. This is because viewers had enough time to adjust themselves to the correct interpretation of the said advertisement.

We are not trying to tell advertisers to stop being creative, not one bit! It is important to ensure to put in the work to capture your audience’s attention. This calls for advertisers to ensure their ads are well packaged and presented to effectively and quickly attract the target audience.

For online banner ads, for example, advertisers should realize that they will only have a short window of time to get a viewer’s attention. They say you have at least 30 seconds to capture your viewers if they are to watch your ad to the end, if its longer than the 30 seconds. Therefore, it’s important to stick to the important information you are seeking to pass to your audience. Try to bring out what the product is and what the brand is for your ad to be understood clearly and quickly.

Simple online advertising is more effective at capturing that attention than complex ones.

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