Finding the right qualities in a new hire can be usually challenging. You have to determine if the candidates possess the relevant skills and even extra valuable skills, that can help your business thrive.

Here are some qualities to look for in a potential candidate for hire.

Critical thinking

The good thing about critical thinkers is that even during tough situations they tend to find solutions. They also have a propensity to come up with ideas that helps improve the business. Critical thinkers are the best because you don’t need to be around all the time for the business to run. Critical thinkers run it!

Open-minded people

Imagine having a team that receives compliments and correction with the same weight and energy. An open minded person is that one that is willing to be corrected and works on his fails without getting angry- a person who understands that mistakes are bound to happen in a work setting and is open to positive criticism and corrections. This actually creates a good atmosphere for improvements in a business.

Organizational skills

Getting an employee with this type of skill serves you the best. An organized staff member will be able to manage his time, work on tasks efficiently without confusion and also keep his work space neat. This type of employee can also set up meetings and delegate responsibilities to others which in turn helps in the smooth running and efficiency of the company.

Communication skills

When conducting the interview, this is one of the first qualities you’ll easily pick up on; the way the interviewee expresses themselves, responds to questions or feedback, or asks them etc. Having a team that can communicate efficiently is a valuable skill.

The staff members will give orders, corrections, pass information and compliments without causing any conflict or a negative environment. Good communicators also act as good representatives in settings such as meetings when you aren’t available.

Emotional intelligence

Find a team that keeps it professional at work. Staff members bringing personal issues to work brings conflicts among employees. So look for people with a strong emotional intelligence level who can have a healthy relationship as co-workers.

If there is need, hold regular or occasional seminars that help address this skill such that, when there is a slip from one member, the rest of the team can easily walk with or guide the affected member without any misgiving.

This skill highly helps to bring unity or cause division in the work space.

Resilience/ flexibility

Find candidates who are ready to adapt. These types of candidates can easily shift according to the changes you make in the business, and still continue showing consistency in performance and in self-morale.

Loyalty and perseverance

You need to make sure that the candidate you are about to hire will withstand challenging times. Every healthy business has challenges. The candidate should not be ‘all for himself’, but rather, he should treat the business as his/her own, and stick around during challenges as they seek the best interest of the company. This will help the business thrive.

Depending on the position being applied for, other qualities may have to be put into consideration. These are just but a few.

Most of these qualities can be known through reference checks on the applications sent or brought in by the applicant.

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