In the contemporary African business environment, having a strong online presence is critical for business success. Professionals, corporates, institutions and professional bodies have done a remarkable job utilizing social media and web presence to remain relevant and promote their offerings to their prospective customers. Despite much influence of the internet and the media, most entrepreneurs and established professionals still require more knowledge on business listing and how it is crucial in promoting their offerings and connecting them with customers. Professional Connects Limited offers a unique platform that provides business listing service to all professional services in Africa.
Who can register at ProfConnects?
ProfConnects is a service that offers an opportunity for professionals both practising as individuals and/or corporates to be able to showcase their businesses while allowing the customers who require the services a single point of identifying service providers and commencement of business relationships, including booking for appointments.
It is easier to locate of your business is listed on ProfConnects
Nowadays, when customers need information on any kind of business, they are most likely to search it online. A business listed on ProfConnects introduces customers to a variety of professional services, products or needs based on their preferred geographical location as well as important information such as the business operating hours and contacts. Creating a captivating profile on ProfConnects is easy to do, and it does not take much time. Remember, registering with ProfConnects is being halfway to securing new customers.
We enhance your business reputation
As a business, corporate, or institution, it is more likely that you have recorded your business information on some sites. That is not where our job ends. We help you leverage the customers looking for your brand online and ensure that they choose you. Besides, ProfConnects only accepts verified service providers registered with corresponding professional bodies and has secured relevant licenses for operation. If your business is yet to meet the fiduciary obligations, we still encourage you to list and help you with the process of getting your business verified since we have partnered with all professional bodies in Africa.
SEO benefits
Apart from the obvious advantages of brand reputation, increased customer traffic, and enhanced online presence, listing your business, corporate, or institution on ProfConnects increase your search engine visibility and overall brand visibility. The platform uses keywords in the same way that businesses do for their websites. Utilization of the keywords improves the SEO and maximizes the domain authority.
So why waste a good opportunity to attract new customers efficiently? There is even a great chance that interested parties will call you right away and connect with you. Register with us here

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