Level 99 Games, a global leader in the tabletop gaming community, today announces the addition of popular fighting video games series, BlazBlue, to their current EXCEED Fighting Card System line-up.

After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans who embraced their Shovel Knight and Street Fighter integrations into the EXCEED Fighting System, Level 99 has expanded the Exceed Fighting Card System to welcome the BlazBlue cast.Emerging off the PC screen and into your home,, BlazBlue’s addition to EXCEED Fighting Card System delivers the retro, nostalgia-inducing, arcade gaming style that fans love about BlazBlue directly into a tangible, physical tabletop game.

Perfect for the game night host, tabletop game enthusiasts, and classic video game fans alike, BlazBlue’s integration into the EXCEED Fighting Card System allows for a new, highly personalized way to enjoy your favorite games and characters, equipped with unique move lists, special moves, and powerful mechanics to incorporate into your existing fighter roster. During a period where people are spending even more time at home surrounded by family than ever before, EXCEED Fighting Card System’s extension into the BlazBlue realm comes at perfect time.

“Our mission at Level 99 Games is to create a meaningful gameplay experience that translates into fostering relationships between both teammates and opponents, as well as with the characters they choose to go to battle with,” says Brad Talton, CEO of Level 99 Games.

“The addition of BlazBlue to our current line-up of EXCEED Fighting Card System was a thoughtful decision we made after evaluating the current EXCEED landscape, and assessing which characters and universes we felt would contribute the most to the overall game play experience. One of the most-requested properties by our fans, the decision was that BlazBlue was a perfect fit.”

Easily integratable into the current EXCEED Fighting Card System, BlazBlue joins a lineup that includes beloved titles such as Street Fighter, Shovel Knight, Dead Cells, and more. The BlazBlue collection can be added to any existing fighting roster for the ultimate crossover battle that gamers have only previously been able to imagine.

With impeccably detailed artwork designed to enhance characters and different fighting styles, BlazBlue’s addition to EXCEED Fighting System allows both tabletop gaming fans and gamers to continue growing their EXCEED Fighting Card System game play reality, while expanding their collection of anime fighting games.

EXCEED Fighting Card System: BlazBlue is now available for preorder on Level99Store.com and is set to begin shipping in October. For additional information, visit BlazBlue.ExceedFightingSystem.Com, or Level99Games.com.

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