Tencent-backed Kuaishou, with more than 300 million daily active users (DAUs), is fast becoming host to China’s most vibrant gaming communities. The community-focused platform has attracted hundreds of millions of gamers and streamers and has revealed plans with a 72-million dollars fund to boost incomes for gamers content creators on the platform.

Kuaishou announced that it has over 220 million monthly active users (MAUs) participating in gaming-related livestreams, and more than 300 million MAUs who watch gaming short videos. “Kuaishou is now providing a huge user base for the development of video game industry,” said Yuyu Tang, head of Kuaishou’s game department, in ChinaJoy 2020.

Currently, over 1.6 million active streamers create more than 9 million short videos about popular games on Kuaishou every month, including Arena of Valor, Game for Peace and more. Among them, 12 video game streamers have more than 10 million fans, making up 40% of all streamers with more than ten million fans in the industry.

What’s more, Kuaishou provides a platform with billions of traffic support for these game streamers to rapidly develop their accounts. In the past year, Kuaishou’s game streamers accounted for 78% of the top 100 list of the game streamers who attract fans rapidly.

GameLook, a popular gaming industry media outlet, explains the reason why Kuaishou seems to be dominant in the video game industry. Despite its natural traffic advantages, it also benefits from a large pool of young users who love digital entertainment.

At present, the average age of Kuaishou’s streamers is 24 years old, or the Generation Z; thus, their short videos and live broadcasting are more in line with the mainstream orientation of young people, and also become more popular.

A typical example is Mu Tong, a popular streamer who plays Game for Peace, who now ranks first in the Game for Peace community on the whole platform. After he started to create short videos and live broadcasts about the game on Kuaishou, it only took him three months to exceed 20 million fans.

Last July, Kuaishou and Millward Brown Technology released a study on the value of Kuaishou games. The study points out that mainstream mobile game players on Kuaishou belong to the middle and high-income group aged 26 to 35, and short videos are also one of the most common entertainment methods of the game crowd, with 85.9% of game players using short videos every day, second only to online shopping and chat.

As for Kuaishou’s vision for the video game industry, Tang said the company will launch a 72-million-dollar fund and 100 billion traffic exposure plan to promote short videos and live broadcasting about video games in Kuaishou, in order to provide video game streamers with more opportunities to be seen.

“With live broadcasting, short videos and other ways, we aim to share the live and short videos industry with our creators”, Tang added.

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