Many pharmacies provide dependable and effective sports brace solutions from sporting ankle braces, sporting knee braces to back support braces. However, their selection may be restricted, and you may be unable to get the specialised type of braces your unique health conditions require.

On the other hand, specialised retailers, such as BioMed, provide a wide selection of alternatives, allowing you to tailor what you need to receive the best solution for your injury or condition.

While most generic brands at your local pharmacy are less expensive and, in some instances, perform the same or comparable tasks. If you just need a sporting ankle brace for a short time (such as a minor injury), a generic and less expensive alternative may be preferable.

However, if you want support for a more chronic illness, such as arthritis, you may want to spend a bit more money on your brace from a specialist provider.

Even though more specialised providers tend to be more expensive, they provide much more detailed knowledge and experience to back their prices. So, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a cost-effective sports brace that is durable, supportive, and tailored to your particular needs.

Finally, while the protection and support of sports braces are necessary following an injury, you must ensure correct usage for efficient treatment. Perhaps an inexperienced pharmacist provides you with the wrong advice; as a result, you may induce more weakness with the incorrect habits.

For example, if a sports brace is worn for an extended period, the brace may cause weak muscles. The brace prevents these muscles from actively working, causing the movements to deteriorate over time, which is the last thing you want.

Therefore, as a leading sporting medical fabric manufacturer of back support braces, sporting ankle braces and sporting knee braces, let us inform you in which situations each sporting brace will benefit you.

What are the Benefits of a Sporting Knee Brace?

There’s no denying that sporting knee braces may help prevent knee injuries during high-contact activities by stabilising the knee joint, relieving knee discomfort, or reducing pain and inflammation for arthritis patients.

Sporting knee braces can also be used for rehabilitation, such as after ACL damage. The brace will help the patient gradually recover their range of motion by providing modest, restricted mobility.

When wearing a sporting knee brace, you should feel compression and tension in your knee. It should feel comfortable and offer a degree of support required based on your specific demands.

However, if the sporting knee brace is too tight and you’re losing circulation, it’s time to relax the straps or get a larger size. Rigid braces give more significant support and have a stiffer feel, whereas compression sleeves allow for more movement but less support.

Based on the circumference (the distance around) of your knee below the centre of the knee, use a size chart to select which sporting knee brace to purchase.

What are the Benefits of a Sporting Ankle Brace?

Ankle injuries are relatively common, can happen quickly and in a variety of ways. Fortunately, a sporting ankle brace can support your ankle during rehabilitation by providing the following advantages and functions:

Compression, stability, and warming to support the ankle joint.
Keep the ankle from rolling to one side or the other during the exercise.
Keep additional harm or damage at bay.
Enhance performance.
Raise your awareness of the damaged or previously injured joints.
Consider a more rigid sporting ankle brace fit for more severe ankle injuries. A more robust sporting ankle brace will provide you with more significant support and stability. A sporting ankle brace should be snug, but it should not be too tight. You want it to be tight enough to offer some compression yet loose enough to be breathable.

What are the Benefits of Back Support Braces?

A lower back support brace can be a practical part of a comprehensive treatment for some spinal disorders and support the spine as it recovers after back surgery.

When the low back is unstable owing to damaged or compromised spinal components, back support braces, also known as a lumbosacral orthosis, or LSO, can be prescribed to help in the following three ways.

Back support braces can establish a good healing environment for the existing injury and avoid further injuries by keeping the torso in a safe, supportive posture.

Back support braces can also assist in relieving part of the weight typically imposed on the lower back, decreasing strain on the spine’s joints, discs, and muscles. A back brace may alleviate uncomfortable muscular tension by lowering spinal pressure, which is a typical defensive response to an injury.

Finally, back support braces are also used to prevent or restrict uncomfortable motions such as twisting the spine or bending forwards, backwards, or to the side. Limiting uncomfortable movements and postures can also enhance awareness of one’s own body’s location (proprioception), allowing the user to alter posture for better back health actively.

Source High-Quality Sports Braces at BioMed

Consult your doctor or physical therapist to determine which type of sporting brace is appropriate for you and your unique situation to assist you in narrowing down what you require.

The BioSport range of active sports support products is designed to assist in healing from sprains, weak ligaments, and muscle pain. The straps and braces are adjustable for a firm yet comfortable fit and are made from Sports Support Fabrics and Materials developed explicitly for this purpose. Our range of Sports Support Braces include:

Sporting Knee Braces
Sporting Elbow Braces
Sporting Ankle Braces
Sporting Back Support Braces
The Sporting Support Brace products we offer are designed to promote healthy movement and reduce pain during physical activities, such as sports or even everyday activities where individuals may feel discomfort or strain. From sporting ankle braces to sporting knee braces, our self-cooling textiles have been shown to reduce body temperatures by 1-2 degrees, promoting improvements in total body performance.

At Biomed, we design and manufacture Sports Support Braces and Medical Grade Fabrics in Sydney, Australia, at our Sporting Fabric Manufacturing Facility and have been for more than 30 years. We understand how vital feeling fit and healthy can be to your overall well-being. We are proud to produce Superior Sporting Fabrics and Healthcare Fabrics for sporting and lifestyle applications.

Our range of Biosport support braces is made from high quality, specially designed medical grade fabrics and meet strict Australian standards. Biomed is committed to maintaining the ISO 9001 quality management certification for our products. This certification demonstrates the reliability of our products and reassures our customers that the sporting support braces we sell are of the highest standards.

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