Released in 2020, iPhone 12 has received a warm welcome for any Apple fans around the globe: camera improvement, newly attractive design, full 5G support, modern charging accessories, and greater performance. Although the majority are paying attention to the release of the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 still has been an ideal choice over the years despite its high price in the market.

Remarkable design

The most noteworthy feature of the iPhone 12 is its square design with flattened side edges and an extraordinary OLED screen. Combined with luxurious metal materials and impressive dual cameras with superior quality, iPhone 12 has finished its modern and classy looks. Plus, the seams and the corners are beveled to make it comfortable to hold.

Apple has also optimized the surrounding edges to be thinner to provide more space and display more details. This will make the experience of entertainment more enjoyable.

However, as it is equipped with a glossy glass finish, users sometimes find their device full of fingerprints. Therefore, users may need to clean the phone’s back regularly or use a phone case to keep it shiny.

Overall, this design brings a more elegant and classy feeling than the old iPhones, including the iPhone X redesign.

MagSafe ecosystem

MagSafe is promising, although it has caused tremendous concerns for its premium price and minor inconvenience. MagSafe on iPhone 12 is a new technology, developed to enhance the wireless charging experience. It can be said that MagSafe is an ecosystem where Apple creates itself and the third-party manufacturers to expand their creativity in wireless charging accessories for iPhones.

In terms of structure, the back of the iPhone 12 models with MagSafe will contain a piece of magnet and other magnetic components, when charging, just attach the back of the phone to the wireless charger. This magnet is centered to ensure optimal alignment when attached to the charger for maximum charging efficiency. It is known that the MagSafe standard brings charging speeds of iPhone 12 up to 15W. With this technology, wireless charging on the iPhone will become easier and faster than ever.

5G coverage

Comprehensive 5G coverage is another striking feature of the iPhone 12. It highlights incredible download speeds and detects signals without issue.

Some say that 5G can affect battery life, but Apple has developed an intelligent software feature called Smart Data Mode, which creates balance among data needs, speed, and power. Smart Data Mode can identify whether users need to use 5G. In case they are not needed, iPhone 12 may remain on 4G to save power. More significantly, Smart Data can also switch between different bands of 5G to allow users to have more experience using the phone.

Impressive camera

For the new iPhone 12, the main camera does not appear to change. However, the new camera module features a wider angle with an ƒ/1.6 aperture, which allows more light. In general, compared to iPhone 11, iPhone 12 did a better job in handling details in different lighting conditions. In bright conditions, the image quality from the iPhone 12 still brings accurate colors and solid dynamic range. However, some details such as the sky and surrounding greenery are reproduced to look fresher. Besides, in images with characters, iPhone 12 can capture sharp and vivid details of the images and videos. This is the strength of the iPhone in general and is now promoted through the iPhone 12.

On the other hand, in backlighting conditions, iPhone 12 still satisfies users with its ability to expose the subject in front of a good light source. Backlighting images convey a harmonious background while still ensuring the authenticity of the photo.

Battery life and performance

The new A14 Bionic chip implemented in iPhone 12 making it blisteringly fast and delivering excellent performance. iPhone 12 also takes full advantage of mobile games since it provides a smooth and faster rate display for a range of mobile games, such as PUBG Mobile or Asphalt 9 Legends.

In terms of battery life, iPhone 12 offers average battery life of more than 8 hours of continuous use compared with 11 hours of iPhone 11, which can be a significant decrease.

But in general, iPhone 12 records significant scores on some battery life tests and ensures users a relatively great experience with stable performance, both in battery life and speed proficiency.

In conclusion, iPhone 12 has been a favorite choice for a lot of consumers, especially Apple lovers who pursue a premium product with a stunning design, excellent camera output, and some proficient performance that outweighs some products at the same price. While waiting for an upcoming iPhone 13 with some expected upgrades, users can opt for iPhone 12 with full features.

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