Many leaders tend to fail in this sphere of influence due to the lack of a given trajectory. While many of them prefer to ‘wing it’ as it comes, I believe it is important for anyone in a position of leadership to live by a philosophy that can help govern them- keeping one focused and grounded. The same way one can set themselves a life goal, is the same way a leader should have a philosophy, as this helps give a clear purpose of your leadership.

Whether you have been in leadership for some time and have not conceptualized or tried this theory, or you just started and are wondering how to put the above into practice, here are a few simple steps to help you discover your leadership philosophy;

  • Make it significant

Your philosophy should be important and significant such that it inspiresand motivates you in how you lead. It needs to count on what matters most to you, what you highly regard/esteem, and the challenges you’ve been able to overcome.

Ensure to consider your core values and principles on what counts the most to you and gives you guidelines on how you should carry yourself as this will highly shape the way you operate as a leader.

  • What is/are your main goal(s)?

What motivated or motivates you to lead the people under you? What is your drive? What would you love to see as a result of your leadership to you and the people as well? Is it creativity? Sense of belonging? Raising other leaders? Note them down and run with it.

  • Your best encounter

If you have been in leadership for a while, consider a time back when you had your finest leadership encounter. Go back to when you made a positive impact. How did that make you feel? What particular actions did you take? How did this impact those around you?

This little exercise helps you remember what is important to you as a leader and what you find personally rewarding when you help people.

  • Turn it into you personal statement

The key take-a-ways and principles you were able to identify and jot down from your best encounters will go a long way into helping you create your leadership philosophy; turn them into your mission statement. This helps you break down why you do what you do and gives a more focused perspective on your goal as a leader.

  • Ponder on them often

Once you have managed to pen down your philosophy, place it somewhere you will daily see, reflect on, and thereby govern your life/leadership by. Constantly check to see that your character and behavior abide by what you proclaim to be your mission and purpose and as you grow, you can be sure your philosophy will be refined.

By conceptualizing and living by the above-discussed points, you can be sure to see the impact your leadership bears on others, and also get to clearly point out and shape your purpose as a leader as you embrace what is meaningful to you.

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