Do you agree that Instagram today is one of the most trendy and convenient platforms for your product promotion and business advancement? If no, then you just haven’t tried it out yet! In reality, the social network is full of opportunities for high-quality and inspiring content posting, educational growth, and successful brand awareness. Just everything in one place!

Your account’s success depends on many factors, from Instagram analyzer tools used for building the overall picture of your audience and achievements to creative profile visuals. Here I will show you the most important things to pay attention to when promoting your profile.

Grow your Instagram using the effective tricks that will promote your profile to the top.

8 useful tips for your IG account growth

Analyze Instagram accounts
To get started, you need to know the statistics and data you have now. You can analyze your profile to view your audience’s active time, your best posts and further develop your business strategy. Sometimes it is useful to know a bit more about a client or competitor’s profile to improve your account promotion plan. What do you think?

Set up a bio
Of course, setting up a bio is not enough because you have to think it through carefully and make the information visually appealing too. And that’s the first thing people see when they visit your account. Write in a nutshell who you are and what the account is about, what’s useful for the user here, make it all a nice font and add exciting emojis. Done!

Focus on the profile
Since Instagram is still a visual platform (let’s not forget where it all started), you should not ignore relevant colors, high-quality photos, filters to demonstrate your product from the best side. That’s why think about the perfect primary color, theme, and posts arrangement.

explore your audience’s central “pain” and try to help them solve their problems with your product;
tell the followers exciting stories about your product/brand;
provide not only exciting but also valuable information.

People like sincerity and usefulness. Give it to them, and they will reward you with attention and likes.

Don’t forget about Stories
Stories today are more popular than posts monitoring. Users are more likely to look at Stories while visiting IG than scroll through the news feed. I’m sure you do this way too, so tell and show your followers about the product, interesting offers, creation processes, and just about anything else you think you need to get closer to your audience.

Pro Tip: create Stories, colors, and themes according to the profile design so that one visual can be seen in all content. That’s how your brand becomes recognizable.

Select the relevant hashtags and geotag
The right hashtag allows you to reach the IG top quicker and the relevant geotag attracts more attention from the target audience and users who may be interested in your post, Story, and profile.

Post at the right time
If you share a cool post at 3 a.m, it’s unlikely that a large audience will be interested in your post because they simply won’t see it, and the post will become irrelevant. It is where profile analytics comes in handy. That’s how you can find out when your audience is active and engaged, so you can determine the ideal time to post.

Post regularly
Yes, it’s a chore. But it’s worth it: regular posting will increase your activity in a matter of time. Don’t let users forget about you. Post Stories at least once a day and posts once a week. Tell, show and engage your audience.

Pro Tip: try to use a social media calendar or scheduler to control the posting and make this process less time-consuming but effective.

User-generated and creative content
If you have run out of the post’s ideas, then it’s high time to pay attention to user-generated content or inspire your audience to create their posts, Stories, or other content with your brand description.
Plus, try to create your own brand description hashtag, the usage of which by the audience will raise your brand awareness in a jiff!

Hey presto! You have set your account in the right direction if you have read the advice carefully and put it to work.

So, think about valuable, informative, and exciting content; visual profile arrangement; regularly posting and Stories creating. Analyze Instagram profiles to boost your activity in a flash!

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