It goes without saying that we are living in an extra digital era. In regards to business, we are forced to up our game as well in order to reach far and wide for the business to grow. This therefore means having a social media presence.

The unfortunate thing is, it’s not just enough to have the social media account, but one that is strong and engaging. This helps to grow and keep your audience engaged, to the point where that can also help spread the word out for you.

This means, you have to invest in your digital marketing if you want to make this work. While some of us aren’t exactly conversant with the social media world, this won’t cut it as an excuse for not putting in the work to grow your business.

Truthfully, handling social media accounts, especially as a start up competing against more grounded ones that have built themselves up strongly in the digital platform, is a lot of work. It cannot be taken lightly if you want it to succeed. Fortunately, there are various ways to go around the said handicap.

Think about all the social media campaigns you constantly gravitate to. Who moves you towards them? COMPELLING CONTENT.  This has several commonalities; eye catching photography, proper rhythm, clever copy, and exclusive deals. Let’s not forget proper posting strategies and execution. These two sections are where most small businesses and entrepreneurs fall short.

  1. Social Media Team

You can start off by hiring a skilled social media team. This includes, but is not limited to, a manager, graphics designer, content creator and coordinator. This will highly depend on your business capacity. But having a team to coordinate the digital marketing frees you to focus on other core matters of the business.

  • Learn Your Customer Base

Take time to learn the platforms your customers prefer. Focus on them when spreading the word about your products/services offers, deals, and updates. Don’t feel the need to be on every platform either. You can always modify your approach as you learn and grow to reach out to more followers

  • Testimonials And Customer Stories

Although it’s unfortunate that most people don’t share product experiences unless it’s in a negative review, we still have the good bunch who do the opposite.

Most times, you will have to source for these reviews by directly reaching out to your followers and asking them to share their stories in regards to your brand. It will be helpful to also attach a reward when they do so, e.g., discount offer or coupon. This will help organically grow your social media community.

  • Brand Everything

We are in a time where we are bombarded with so much information in a short span of time. In this case, repetition works. Make sure to include brand elements in every graphic you share-specific colours, logo, catchphrases, emojis etc. This will help you stand out better, especially when paired with the right message and imagery. Repetition with your brand’s look and content helps you to be easily recognizable with your consumers and not easily forgettable.

  • Use Media Tools To Your Advantage

Artificial intelligence has come a long way to make our work easier. With social media, you can use tolls to create amazing content easily. We also have tools that enable you to schedule posts to automatically upload at specific times and dates so you can focus another aspects of your business. Don’t be deceived, you will still need to put in the manual work, but with these tools, it is easier to maintain a regular flow.

You can also go ahead to review your peers and copy some tactics and ideas that you think can work on your platform but with a different spin on it.

With the right technology, proper strategy and positive mindset, you can create a close-knit community and drive social media engagement to a great new level for your business. you can also learn 7 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty through Social Media

Always remember, the content is not for you, it is for your consumers. Stay connected and engaged.

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