If I told you that you can launch an e-commerce business within a week, would you believe it? You might think it’s impossible or even very insane, right? But well, it’s very possible. You are probably here because it’s something you have been considering for a while, or maybe you are just browsing some ideas. Either way, you’re in the right place.

Here are a few steps to kick you off;

Identify a high-potential product

Find something with large demand, high margins, and can be easily warehoused, for example- car phone holders. The earlier you can spot a trend, the better your chances of achieving a thriving e-commerce business. As long as you are a legit answer to a problem being sought out by humankind, you’re on your way to the solid growth of your business.

Lock down a manufacturer

If your manufacturer can’t keep up with your demands, your e-commerce business is as good as dead! Great business communication skill is key when wanting to get a manufacturer since most people look at the cost. Ask specific questions; if even a single one is not answered, cross off the manufacturer. The goal is to get a manufacturer you have 100% confidence in.

Create a brand name and secure your online presence

Get a brand name that is appealing and memorable to the target audience of your e-commerce business. Ensure to also be available in a domain name (advisably the dot-com version), and an active social media handle form with strategic marketing plans to help build your brand and audience as well.

Develop a website

Sketch out a website layout and logo concept, or get a professional doing it for you. Most people use WordPress and WooCommerce, but there are other options available like Shopify where you can start, grow, and manage a business.

Establish revenue goals

You can’t go into this blindly. You need to know your numbers- like how much does your product cost? Cost of your fulfillment components such as staff, software, and alike, and ways to cut cost since it can be a way to drastically increase your revenue.

Design a marketing plan

So far, you have a product and a website. Now you have to figure out how to make your target audience interested in your e-commerce product. Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns are great ways to generate immediate sales on your socials.

Generate your plan depending on your target audience and whatever platform you have researched works best with them; be it emails, face to face meetings for advertising, and what have you.

Include long-term components like a search engine in your plan. Make sure you track everything so you know where every single sale originates from so you can capitalize on that platform.

Launch an online store

In your e-commerce business, you are going to need to constantly split-test and make changes since it will never be perfect. There is no perfect time to launch it. You will never know if you have a viable e-commerce business unless you launch out. If you fail, try and try again until you attain a win.

There you have it. Some start-up tips to help push you a little further along your thousand miles journey in your e-commerce business.

Let’s do this!

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