Resolve The Error Message HP Printer Is In Error State
The HP Printer Is In Error State! Let’s investigate the reasons for this.
When you try to print documents, your HP printer refuses to cooperate. The following are some of the causes of these issues:
Ink is scarce.
There aren’t enough papers in the printer’s input tray.
a clogged state
Remove the printer lid cover.
Printer with a system that is loosely connected
The printer drive is broken.
Use the Troubleshooter 5 Methods to Resolve HP Printer Errors in Windows 10

If your HP printer is in an error state, always run troubleshooters with your printing device.

Check that the printer is turned on and that the cables connecting it to the computer are properly connected.
Start by typing ‘Troubleshoot’ into the search box.
Select ‘Troubleshooting’ from the available options. Click View all to open a new window, then scroll down to the Printer option.
To run printer troubleshooting, click the Advanced option in the new window that appears.
To begin troubleshooting for your printer, click Run as administrator and then Next. This will begin detecting problems in your system in order to resolve the printer’s error state.
If the troubleshooter can’t find any problems, your printer’s drivers may need to be updated. For that, see Solution 2.
Drivers for your printer should be updated.

Your printing device isn’t working properly because of outdated drivers. This is why the error message “HP printer in error state” is causing a problem, please follow these steps:

Click the Start button and type ‘Device Manager’ into the field box to see if you received the notification updates for the new printer’s driver.
Check the ‘Expand printers’ option to see if one of your HP printer models is included in the list.
To run a new update for your HP printer’s driver, right-click on your HP printer model and select ‘Update Driver.’
Restart both the computer and the printer after the driver has been updated. To see if it’s working properly, print a test page.

Automatically start the Print Spooler Service.

Print Spooler frequently stops, preventing any HP printer from functioning properly. It is one of the factors that causes your HP printer to be in an error state. In such cases, you should set the Spooler Service mode on your printer to Automatic.

Print Spooler is a software programme that manages all print jobs assigned to the printing device. Any user can delete or manage printing jobs that are waiting to be printed.

Set the Print Spooler service to automatic mode to solve the HP printer in error state problem by following these steps:

By pressing the Windows and R keys together, the Run application is launched.
Click OK after typing’service.msc’ into the search field.
To go to Properties, right-click the ‘Print Spooler’ option in a new window.
There will be a new window open. Select Automatic as the Start type and ‘Running’ as the Service Status.
To save the changes, click the Start button now and then Apply.

Are there enough pages in the input tray of your HP printer?

One of the most common observations we’ve received from all of our users is that they don’t load enough sheets into the input tray. As a result, the HP printer’s control panel displays the message “HP printer in error state.” In the input tray, there should be a minimum of 25 sheets.
Restart your printer once the sheets have been loaded. Before sending any print commands, wait for the printer to be idle and silent. Now is a good time to test your printer to see if it is working properly.

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