Owning a business can be a huge challenge. Some people never get to the point of seeing it take off. Businesses tend to fail due to several reasons; lack of funds, poor management skills/ teams, insufficient marketing strategies, or circumstantial events such as COVID-19. Getting to recover/ grow a failing business is an art that requires a lot of innovation and perspective.

 If you are in such a position and are thinking on how to recover or restart your business, here are some tips to help you turn things around;

  1. Have a compelling vision

Starting anything always starts on very high morale and charge. When things hit the wall, we tend to start losing that psyche we first began with and sometimes, lose it in totality and fall back.

To help recover and grow your business, you need to get back to those beginning moments when your vision was clear. Analyze it and see what worked and what needs to be changed to enable your current goal(s). Decide what you want from the business, and what it would look like if it fully succeeded and then work backward, seeing what you will need now to achieve what you envision down the line. Remember to keep the passion all the way.

  • Execute proper systems

With your vision laid down, implement the right processes and systems to help you get from point A to point B. These systems are applied in the day to day running of the business as it recovers.

Get help where it is needed. The help could come in different forms. It could be a stand-in that helps with administrative processes, a consulting team to help put things in place eg financial analyst, HR, etc.

Check on systems that build back the business and bring in money as fast and effectively as possible without compromising on your service or delivery. Time is of the essence, and getting help will help speed up recovery time.

  • Seek potential growth opportunities

Once the business has been recovered, or as it is recovering, it is time to seek out expansion opportunities. This can be achieved in different ways such as partnering with similar credible brands, new offers or sales, product improvements, and price reductions, to build upon revenue collection and building clientele.

  • Have a mentor to guide you

It is okay to admit that you don’t know how to pick up from your breaking point, that you don’t exactly have the experience required. It is important, therefore, to seek expert advice and mentorship from an expert in this field. There are people skilled in picking up failing business and giving them the turn around you are looking to achieve.

Be open to their guidance and feedback on where you went wrong, how you could improve, and what have you. Allow yourself to be assisted as much as is possible, as they maintain the vision set in place for your company.  

When all is said and done, keep a constructive mindset. Reflect on your purpose and mission. Sharpen your focus.

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