As an employer during this Covid-19 period, looking to protect your employees’ health is important. As COVID-19 is calming down, make preparations to keep your employees safe and healthy. Planning will not only keep your employees protected, but effective planning will also help keep at bay any infections.

 Here are some tips to help you reopen safely and healthy during and after the Covid-19 period.

Consult employees before reopening.

You can consider creating a health committee that includes core members of staff such as heads of departments and a few other representatives. Give your employees the freedom to express themselves about the reopening. Let them assist in giving suggestions and changes in the strategies you intend to put in place.

Who needs to be available?

Make it a priority to minimize staff at work. Develop policies around who can be in the workplace. You can even consider creating shifts that will include a few employees around the workplace. This will help make social distancing measures work. Also, you may allow remote working where possible. If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s that we don’t need staff to be at the office for work to be efficiently delivered.

Promote Physical Distancing.

No matter your type of business, take steps to ensure physical distancing is practiced in your workplace.  Reconfigure the workplace to maintain recommended standards. Make sure to also educate your team members on the importance of maintaining distance. Don’t assume that everyone knows or takes into regard the said guidelines. This goes a long way to protect your employees as/ when they resume.


Create a plan to handle sick employees, and also encourage safe behaviors for good hygiene and infection control. This includes hand-washing protocols, making hand sanitizers and personal protective types of equipment readily available. Also, provide employees with up-to-date health information.

Review applicable government guidance.

Determine whether the workplace can legally re-open, and what restrictions must be put in place to do so. Consider whether landlords, owners, constructors, etc. have implemented additional measures. This is particularly in workplaces that are managed by a third party, such as office towers, shopping malls, commercial plazas, and construction sites.

Strengthen communication.

Keep your employees close and let them know they are under good care. Continuous communication will create confidence in employees. It also creates an environment where they can speak up if they get infected. This crossing of information will help protect your employees and let them know they are safe. It will also help find ways to attend to the sick ones as a work community/family.

Educate your employees. 

Before reopening, employers can take measures to educate employees on new protocols, identify at-risk individuals, and provide additional resources to make the return-to-work experience safe and orderly.

I know it’s been a tough few months for most businesses. Most of us have been waiting to grease those wheels, hit the ground running, and restore working profits as fast as possible. It’s important to remember that above it all, your employees’ safety should be your number 1 priority during this period.

Make sure to protect your staff members.

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