Excellent communication is key to good relationships among people, not just in life, but also in business. As a leader, speaking in a clear, concise, and calm manner is a path for your team to do the same- speak up and communicate clearly..

Good communication among your team and between you will help grow your business profoundly. Here are some six tips on how to encourage your team to communicate.

Appreciate members who speak/ share.

It doesn’t mean that by appreciating, the reward must be tangible. It can be in the form of compliments or appreciation posts. For example, during staff meetings, give a simple thank you to any member of your team for giving a suggestion, idea, comment, or correction. This shows your members that their input is valued or heard. In return, it gives them the confidence to keep the communication going.

Listen more than talking.

Give your team members a chance to speak out their minds without fear of being shut down or dismissed. The aim of this is to improve the business per individuals and/or departments. It is key to finding out what challenges your staff face, their opinions, and comments. This requires you as the head to give your team members room to communicate. Avoid dominating conversations.

Accept varieties of feedback.

Allow your members to express themselves most comfortably. If a team member can’t express a sensitive issue in a meeting, use other alternatives like a suggestion box, notes, or allocate time for the individual team member, if possible.

Lead by example.

As much as you want your staff to speak up, ensure that you are also following in the same footsteps. Let your employees know you. Take time and walk around and chat with your staff. This will make them comfortable when it comes to talking to you whenever in need. Isolating yourself in your office for long periods only makes you a stranger and your staff might misjudge your personality.

Encourage teamwork.

Working in teams brings your staff together since they have to communicate to work efficiently. Employees will need to actively participate in sharing ideas, passing comments and before you know it, they are closely working to ensure productivity.

Teamwork creates a psychological bond and confidence among employees making communication among staff and you much easier. This can be done through simple ice breaking activities during work breaks or meetings, or holding inter-departmental team building activities/ games every so often to enhance team bonding.

Let your team know the weight their feedback carries.

Always let your employees know the importance of their feedback. Let them feel that there is always ground for them to open up. Also, letting your employees know how each feedback is relevant, no matter how big or small, will help build confidence in your staff. This way, you will be able to get maximum feedback to help your business grow.

These are just but a few main ways to help encourage team bonding and communication. Some might be subject to the kind of work establishment you run. The most important thing is to ensure proper and efficient communication channels from the head going down. This will make a huge difference in the workspace, in a positive light.

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