Before the Corona Virus pandemic, working from home was a hell of a job-much enjoyed by some and coveted by many. After the pandemic, most businesses had to embrace this concept. While some members took pleasure in this freedom, others found it a challenge-not knowing how to effectively plan their day as they work from home.

Given that it is something we might need to embrace long after the pandemic passes, here are some tips on how to successfully work from home.

Find your most productive hours.

The advantage of having to work from home is that you are flexible in terms of working hours. Any person can select the hours where alertness, energy, and focus is high. If you are unable to find your productive hours, track your working behavior over a specific period, like a month.

Use the right tools as you do this and maintain a time log. You’ll be able to pick a pattern that works best for you after this analysis.

Start the day right.

Even if a person shifts working hours from day to night time, it’s important to start the day right. The objective is to prepare your mind psychologically that it’s time to work.

You can achieve this by planning the night before, get enough sleep, and wake up refreshed. Set daily affirmations and goals to keep you focused.

Have a dedicated workspace.

The truth is, most of us don’t have the luxury of having an office inside our homes. So, it’s upon you to find a dedicated space away from distractions like TV or kids. Have all the tools you require in that particular space. Soon, you’ll realize that working from the same spot gives you a much-needed structure.

Create breaks for yourself.

Working excess hours, in the name of ‘hard work’, will only get you burnt out. Breaks are very essential as long as you have been meeting your goals and working effectively. Spend this break in the most fun way possible -bike rides, walks, family time- all that. Breaks give you time to recharge and to refocus when you resume.

Have time to socialize.

Block out time to socialize with others. Most remote workers fight loneliness and depression alone. Today, face to face meetings are somehow rare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can rely on tools like slack or zoom to have time to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. Balance out your life scale as much as possible so that no aspect feels neglected.

Set boundaries between your work and home-life

Make sure your working hours are for working and home-time is home-time. Avoid attending to minor home issues while at work. This behavior might lead you to overwork and end up reducing your energy and focus. Set boundaries that will help you shift to productive gear as you work from home.

It might take some bit of adjusting to get your rhythm, but as they say, it takes 21 days to build a habit and make it a discipline. Even if it takes more, keep going till you get it right. You’ll be glad you stuck to it.

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