Outlining a hiring process before getting started is so important. If you’re planning to grow your small business team, you need a clear set of steps and tools to help you find the right candidates for the next job offer. The hiring process is crucial because it is technically an investment. You want to get the right person for specific jobs so the process must also be right.

 For entrepreneurs who are thinking about hiring their first new employee or that simply want to improve their recruitment process, here are some tips

Identify your hiring need.

The process generally starts when the business management realizes that some roles need filling. The hiring requirement can be due to an expansion in business, hiring of experts in a given field, or due to the exiting of an employee.

Create a detailed description of the job.

Write down the roles, responsibilities, and skills the potential candidates must have. Work with the department heads that will clarify the qualifications needed to be possessed by potential candidates.

Craft Job Ads and Post in Appropriate Spots.

Have a standard list of places where you post available job opportunities. Not every spot is right for every job. Use your job description to create an ad that clearly outlines the qualifications you’re looking for in candidates and outline the application process. You can use your local classifieds, for example, or a job website for a more specialized position for candidates.

Review and Sort Applications.

Once the applications start rolling in, filter out the candidates you want to consider throughout the hiring process. For specialized positions, have department heads help you choose the most qualified candidates.

Go Through the Interview Process.

Having arrived at a list of qualified applicants, you can then start to filter out by speaking directly with each one of the candidates. You can use phone interviews through your HR, in cases where you are considering a lot of candidates. The idea is to determine who is fit before having a face to face interview with the remaining selected candidates.

Make a Job Offer and Negotiate.

When you’re confident with a candidate, it’s time to contact them and make an official job offer. Start with a standard offer you created for the position. Thereafter, you can negotiate on some of the other details like salary and employee benefits.

Finish the hiring process and get your hire ready for their new role.

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