It’s no secret that finances are the top most essentials when it comes to running a business. Big money decisions rely a great deal on knowledge and acumen to push through which can cause financial stress if not well handled.

Sometimes, we tend to focus on the bigger picture and push aside or forget about the smaller details like the day to day financial running of the business. Being able to manage both of these elements requires thought and planning which could mean the failure or success of your business.

Let’s discuss some simple ways to avoid financial stress to help your business as well as your health.

Manage your living expenses

This goes mostly to investing capital for start-ups. Make sure to at least have three-months living expenses and a separate three months business expenses account set up. Plan as though you’re not expecting there to be any income or revenue from your business. This will help get you through any financial stress during the first tough months as your startup picks up.

Account for problems as promptly as possible

Ensure to hire a professional accountant or bookkeeper if you cannot handle the business finances on your own. In the same regard, purchase quality accounting software to keep track of your accounts. You need to know where every bit of your money is going to or is coming from.

Regularly check your expenses

Always get and file receipts from every service provided or given. Now and then, go through your accounts to help keep tabs on all your expenses. This helps you know where to make adjustments or cutbacks in your incomings or outgoings. As a result, you’re able to build on your savings and cut off on money wastage. This will help a lot in avoiding financial stress.

Have a clear financial projection

The same way your business plan should have short term and long term goals, so should your financial plans. Make sure to have a clear financial projection that not only helps your goal for the here and now but also for future plans and any foreseeable obstacles that might crop up.

Separate your personal and business money

This goes a long way into working out business profits that come in much easier. It also helps keep you aware of your expenses. In the event that you need to put in your own money e.g. loaning it out, have it accurately recorded. Once the profits roll in, you can easily know how much your due is before working out business profits or taxes.

Slow and steady wins

Every business person has a dream of expanding their business and expanding their clientele base. Always remember that slow and steady wins the race. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Business expansion requires sensible and steady planning and accounting without a hurry. Plunging into huge development investments without clear foresight puts financial strain and pressure on not just you, but the company at large and your long term financial plans.

Let’s make money and grow, shall we?

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