It’s quite a satisfying feeling being able to sit down with yourself and manage to identify and build up a business idea that you look forward to starting and keep going for hopefully, what would be a lasting legacy to be reaped by generations to come.

You are now wondering what next? Now that I have this idea in my head, the questions remain; what? How? When? Who? Can I just sell the business idea and let someone else bear the cross of the workload as I sit and wait for results? Sound so much like a viable and completely easier option, right? Sit back, give instructions, and then wait for the money to come.

I’ve got news for you; NO! You have to get up and give the idea a form that can be bought. Business ideas have no value in themselves. You either do something with it or let it go. This is not meant to pull you down but to get your fire started. Get up. Get rolling. Start pushing.

I know the first step is always the toughest to take but you have to move nonetheless. It doesn’t have to be one gigantic step. Baby steps they say, right? Start with a simple business plan. Work out a solid, trustworthy core team skilled in what you need help with as you progress your idea. Build up a strategy, set some goals, metrics, and projections.

Build a team that can discretely and protectively run with the idea on the table, because the best way to shield your idea is to stay quiet about it in the beginning phases.

The best way to protect your idea is to build a business on top of it. Not bragging or shouting about the idea before solidifying it. Let your growth do your talking for you.

Is it a guarantee that it will succeed the first time you try? Not at all. Sometimes not even the second time but we learn through our failures and mistakes for a bigger and better tomorrow. As Thomas Edison said; “I didn’t fail. I just found 2000 ways how not to make a light bulb; I only needed to find one way to make it work”.

Keep working it and going until your vision comes to life and breaks through. And when it does, keep going and stay ahead of them.

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