CivStart, a non-profit accelerator helping local and state govtech startups, and Govlaunch, a wiki for local government innovation, today announced a partnership to help innovative startups connect with local governments. 

While the government technology marketplace continues to grow, startups entering the space often lack the necessary support needed to succeed. To ensure innovative solutions make it to market, startups entering CivStart’s accelerator program receive 24 months of customer and product development, network building and expert guidance. With this newly established partnership, CivStart cohorts can now connect with Govlaunch’s global network of local government innovators looking for leading-edge technology.

“Our mission is to bring innovative solutions to local governments to better meet the needs of underserved communities,” said Anthony Jamison, CEO at CivStart. “As we foster technology that creates stronger, healthier, safer and more inclusive communities, Govlaunch provides decision makers with a platform to share best practices and discover what is working for others. Mutual understanding is a critical piece of the puzzle, and we are excited to see our startups engage with Govlaunch’s audience of local government innovators.” 

As part of the partnership, all CivStart cohorts will receive a Disruptor designation to ensure they are easily identifiable by Govlaunch members. Govlaunch Disruptors are defined as companies that disrupt the status quo and fundamentally change the way local governments operate. To help expand the reach of disruptive companies, CivStart cohorts receive free access to tools to enhance their product page and increase brand awareness, as well as the ability to share success stories.

“We designed Govlaunch with the belief that every local government, regardless of size, should have access to a robust resource to inspire innovation — and that includes a collection of the best technology solutions on the market. As the only accelerator that focuses on the local government market, CivStart helps foster the technology that is allowing our members to reach their goals,” said James Alfano, CEO and Co-Founder of Govlaunch.  “Local governments are constantly searching for companies that provide easy to implement and affordable solutions, and CivStart cohorts offer that and more.”

You can learn more about the Govlaunch Disruptors Program at

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