The Ford Mustang is a sports car that doesn’t need an introduction. Since it initially appeared on the streets, this vehicle has been famous for its speed, fantastic aesthetics, and enduring reliability.

Although the interior of the Mustang has typically been plain black or neutral by default in order to appeal to a wide variety of customers. As a result, many Mustang owners look towards the automotive aftermarket to improve and personalise its appearance to make their vehicle totally unique!

The Mustang has always been a car with many customising options in the aftermarket industry. Whether it’s a V8 Shelby or a 4-cylinder Ecoboost, adding bespoke leather is a considerably popular interior upgrade many owners choose.

At Autolux, our custom-fit, premium leather interiors will genuinely transform your Mustang. By replacing your original factory-installed interior with custom-designed leather, your vehicle’s look, feel, and resale value will be considerably enhanced!

What Distinguishes Autolux’s Mustang Leather Upgrades from Other Aftermarket Suppliers?

Autolux supplies the highest-quality 100% leather on the market to redesign all types of interiors; all built with quality and longevity in mind for your Ford Mustang. Premium leather provides a luxury experience every time you drive your car, making your money spent well worth it.

Not only do we offer an extensive range of pre-designed Mustang leather interior options, including dozens of colours, textured grains, sophisticated stitching patterns, and materials to choose from. But you can also custom design your own to appear exactly as you want. From custom perforations, piping, stitching, two-tone embroidery, and intricate embossing, we can make it happen.

Our leather upgrades are designed to totally transform your Mustang’s stock material with bespoke leather that’s professionally fitted and upholstered. If you need assistance creating your new Mustang interior, our installers are professionals at assisting you in determining what looks fantastic and will provide you with valuable advice.

Autoliv and MGA have both validated our production team and partners for airbag deployment testing compliance. All Autolux Leather products meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

What Types of Leather Interior Upgrades Does Autolux Offer?

Premium Leather Car Seat Upgrades
In particular, custom Ford Mustang leather car seats our best-seller at Autolux. New leather car seats and even leather car seat repairs will instantly improve the look of your Mustang. They are not only beautiful and luxurious, but they also give a high degree of comfort that is likely to be appreciated on lengthy commutes.

Autolux seats are made of high-quality leather that is long-lasting, breathable, and simple to clean. Our leather car seat materials are sewn using computerised airbag sewing machines since this is necessary for our OEM clients and the new vehicle dealership networks we provide.

At Autolux, we offer three types of leather car seats, all available in various styles. Whichever leather car seat you choose boils down to your own taste, money, and personality.

Our premium leather car seats are the standard luxury option. They are relatively durable and, if properly cared for, can resist a reasonable amount of wear and tear.

In addition, napa leather car seats are a more robust and long-lasting alternative than typical leather. Compared to other leather car seats, Napa leather is considerably easier to clean and come in full-grain, semi-embossed cowhide leather with a very soft feel.

Finally, a custom-designed leather car seat upgrade is a mix of Premium Leather and Napa Leather which creates an unusual textural combination with a variety of leather patterns and textures, as well as exquisite stitching patterns. This is ideal if you want to add your own personal touch to it.

Personalised Steering Wheel
Any vehicle would benefit from an Autolux custom leather steering wheel. Autolux can assist you whether you currently have leather seats and want to complete the aesthetic or you simply want to enjoy the luxury of a personalised steering wheel.

Leather Gear Knobs
MOMO has continued to produce some of the world’s finest quality consumer and racing products in Italy since 1964. The Motorsport collection of Momo Gear Knobs feature ergonomic designs which result in a more comfortable and pleasurable ride, the ideal complement to your Mustang.

Leather Panels
You should also think about upgrading or replacing door card panels with leather for a seamless luxury finish. Needless to say, if you want to totally transform the interior of your car with new car upholstery, you will be extending the life of your car’s interior for years to come.

We can work on practically any Mustang model. To give you a better picture of the high-quality craftsmanship you can expect from Autolux, here are two recent Ford Mustangs our teams skillfully transformed.

2019 Ford Mustang Convertible Got The AUTOLUX Luxury Touch

Our high-quality napa leather replaced the factory-supplied trim, seat and features in this 2019 Ford Mustang Convertible to increase comfort and style. The specific specifications include:

White napa leather
Door insert white leather
Full console white napa
Gear boot
Hand brake boot
White leather binding front carpet mats
2 x front pony logo headrest embossed

Are You Ready to Transform Your Ford Mustang?

We’re proud to be providing some of the top Ford Mustang upholstery services available in Sydney. Autolux precisely tailors your upholstery to your Mustang’s year and trim level; that way, you’ll have perfectly matched interiors!

Autolux is a market leader in the automotive aftermarket industry and has two Sydney locations in Auburn and Penrith. Our staff are available to help you choose the right automotive upgrades for your needs.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and customer service, and we look forward to adding that something special to your vehicle. Get your car looking new and back on the road quickly with our professional team and premium quality automotive products.

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