There is a shortage of young professionals with good work ethics among many companies. Even though millennials are less than a decade older than their peers, their work ethics seem to be at odds with their peers. Employees of the generation may come across as entitled and expect too much from their organizations. It was designed to weed out whiny, entitled, millennial candidates, but one US company called it the Snowflake Test. With nothing more than a glorified personality test, the Snowflake Test was designed to avoid hiring employees who were motivated by such rationales.
Describe the meaning of the term “snowflake.”
Many applicants are disqualified before the interviewing process even begins once they realize that they will have to pass this test. The CEO of Silent Partner Marketing defines a snowflake as someone who will whine and complain and don’t have the ability to justify their perspectives.
How do you administer the Snowflake Test?
As part of the hiring process, candidates take a personality test called the Snowflake Test. Among the questions on the test are, “How would you define America?”. and “When was the last time you cried?” and “What are your thoughts on employees carrying weapons?weapons?weapons? ”. These questions lean heavily on the candidate’s stance on America, the police, and guns. We are looking for those individuals who submit resumes but do not have a clear understanding of what they are interviewing for.
Does this benefit new hires?

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