The way a business person handles time plays a major role in the success of the business. Proper time management frees you from stress and pressure, and helps you to focus on critical issues. Well managed time is the key to doing things you enjoy in life. Here are some of the symptoms of poorly managed business time.

Constant rushing.

Constantly jumping from one thing to another, without confidently handling each issue, is an indicator of poor time management. Rushing is mostly the result of procrastination. Handle the number of issues you can and avoid overextending yourself.

Missing deadlines frequently.

Missing deadlines, most of the time, indicates you are unreliable as a business person. As a result, clients go elsewhere due to a lack of confidence in your business. Missing deadlines shows you have a lot to handle or you are simply lazy.

Inability to set and achieve goals.

Being unable to achieve goals for your business highly indicates that you have not taken the time to set or prioritize them. It’s a big indicator that your time is poorly managed. Any business is set up for a purpose. If you set SMART goals, you will surely achieve them.

Poor punctuality.

People get caught up in unavoidable situations like accidents. But it’s a bad habit when it’s a reputation others perceive you with. Lack of punctuality shows a lack of respect for the schedule set by a business. It shows that you lack care, and you don’t plan your time well, thus unreliable.


Sometimes you may find yourself trying to multitask. It’s almost like doing the impossible and a poorly-managed time indicator. Once you plan your time, accomplishing things should be relatively simple. Establish a system that works best for you- one that enables you to function effectively without seeming reckless. If you have to, delegate some work to others.


If you aren’t managing your time properly, in most cases you will find yourself stuck at your workplace overtime. As a consequence, you are putting your career and health in jeopardy as you push yourself beyond reasonable capacity.

Burnout affects not only you but even those around you e.g., spouse, children, or friends, as you get lethargic and plugged out. Take time to rest or take leave to reenergize so you can offer your best to the business.


It is one of the leading signs of poor time management. Procrastination sets you to play catch-up which is unhealthy. This is because it can easily lead to stress and depression. Procrastination also creates a bad image of yourself as it deems you lazy or unserious with your work.

Decreased work quality.

It especially applies to employees. If it is brought to your attention as a member of staff that your work is not quality, most of the time it’s because of poor time management. All employees’ work performance is based on time management.

It might be a bit challenging starting on your time management skills, but the more you stick to it, the better you will become and more reliable you will be. Challenge yourself and see what an amazing turnaround you will have.

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