BIGO LIVE., the global live streaming social platform has partnered with Bark, a content monitoring and screen time management service protecting children online to provide digital safety for youth and broadcasters on BIGO’s popular social networking platform.

BIGO LIVE and Bark will integrate Bark’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology with BIGO’s AI content management system, granting parents access to monitor and guide their teens’ activities within the BIGO LIVE app.

The move is aimed at fostering a global initiative of safety measures to help prevent online abuse and decrease predatory behavior and child exploitation, among other dangers.

“Our number one concern is our community’s safety,” said Lynette Yang, Senior Director for Americas at BIGO LIVE. “Bark’s integration with our own technology will allow us to work with parents and guardians to help keep kids safe from abuse and cyberbullying.”

BIGO’s global live streaming platform is known for its sophisticated AI content management system that can detect undesirable and illegal content in audio, video, imagery or text format with a near perfect accuracy. Bark’s comprehensive online safety solution offers content monitoring, screen time management, and web filtering to millions of families and schools in the U.S. Since launching in 2015, Bark’s mission has always been to help keep kids safe online. It does this by monitoring more than 30+ social media platforms as well as texts, chat, email, YouTube, and files contained in Google Drive and OneDrive. The new partnership with BIGO adds a critical element of monitoring in the area of child protection on a most popular platform, at a time when kids need it most.

“The popularity of live streaming has skyrocketed with kids in quarantine,” said Vice President of Business Development at Bark, Matt McKee. “Knowing that Bark and BIGO LIVE are now working together during this critical time and beyond only reinforces our mission of creating a safer internet for the millions of teens who use this platform.”

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