Yes, both SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and AI (Adobe Illustrator) are well-known vector-based image formats. But sometimes you require turning SVG into AI depending on your artwork preference. In this context, you will find the best online SVG to AI converter websites through which to convert your SVG image file to quality AI format.
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This free open-source site provides you with the best SVG to AI converter that helps you to save SVG as AI vector file without distorting the original quality. On this platform, you could perform documents, images, videos, and much more.
Now, you can easily optimize your pdf optimally with a pdf compressor, splitter, etc. To make this site at the top of the list is its quality conversions. Yes, this online converter site is best as every single converter is preserving the original file quality, it doesn’t matter whether you convert SVG to AI, or different files to compatible file formats.
Additionally, this website is packed with a simple interface, all you need to browse or make drag and drop of your files, and the tool commences with conversion within a fraction of seconds.
Follow these steps to convert SVG vector to AI from this site:
• Once theonlineconverter opened, navigate to SVG to AI converter
• Upload SVG and then press the convert button
• Finally, your converted AI (Adobe Illustrator) image file is ready, press download now and save it
The amazing thing is that this site supports batch file conversions while keeping the quality high.
Convertio is another best website that consists of online SVG to AI converter. This is the best source that lets you convert different media such as videos, font, archive, audios, documents, images, eBooks, etc.
To convert SVG to AI, you people have to stick with the following few simple steps, they include:
• Upload SVG vector image file in the converter
• Now, you have to choose the output format as AI
• Convert files right now
If your SVG image file is store in your Dropbox or Google Drive, then you can here directly import it from there. But, remember that free users only allow uploading the file with the file size of 100 MB in this SVG to AI converter. Once the file is imported, you can easily choose the output format that is AI format. Right after, you have to commence with converting files. Finally, you can be able to export the converted AI file to your preferred store.
Convert Files:
The website is packed with the best and free SVG to AI converter online. From this site, you can not only turn SVG into AI but also archive, document, presentation, spreadsheet, audio, videos, font, etc, into different compatible formats.
When it comes to converting images, you ought to go to the section titled image. Very next, you will need to find the options to convert files. Well, on the left side, you can be able to upload the input file, while on the right, you ought to choose the output format.
Here, you people have to browse the SVG vector image file from your computer only. Though, you now can choose single or more files and get instant conversions.
Once the file is converted, it entirely shows you with the converted file that you can save on your system storage.
No doubt that there are a different number of online websites that offer bets conversions, but not each of them supports all the extensions. The online SVG to AI converter websites that we listed above is great, just make a thumbs up and begin quality conversions.

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