As a busy business owner with probably very little free time, how can you possibly keep up with everything you need to know in the business world? Here are some of the great business websites you should be reading.

  1. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer website with high-quality content on startups, venture capital, tech companies, IPOs, and much more.

  • MarketWatch

Market watch is a comprehensive news website covering stocks, bonds, commodities, and international markets, personal investing, real estate, and media. This site is best known for its continuous updates on the stock market

  •  MSN Money

 MSN does a great job curating quality content from multiple publishers.Microsoft’s MSN Money has comprehensive and current information and advice on the markets, investing, personal finance, real estate, small business, careers, taxes, and more.


This is one of the most comprehensive business websites on the web for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. features articles, advice, forms, agreements, and entrepreneur profiles covering startup topics, M&A, venture capital, angel financing, sales and marketing, careers, above other things.

  • Wall Street Journal

This is the pre-eminent website for current business, investing, and financial news. It includes extensive coverage of the stock, bond, and commodity markets. If you’re in business read the Wall Street Journal daily.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg business website provides up-to-the-minute international news on financial markets, commodities, currencies, company earnings, technology, and more. The site has numerous articles, feature stories, and videos. It’s one of the best.

  • CNBC

CNBC is a high-quality comprehensive business news site. It covers the stock market, bonds, cryptocurrencies, personal finance, and in-depth reports on public companies. It also contains many videos from the CNBC TV channel.

  • Inc.

Inc. is a popular site for entrepreneurs and startups, with thousands of articles on starting and growing a business, angel financing, sales, and marketing, innovation, among other resources.

  • Udemy.

Udemy is an online education website with so many courses, including the likes of  “Angel Financing: Find Investors and Funding for Your Startup,” “How to Become a Programmer,” “Accounting & Financial Statement Analyses,” and “Habits of High Achievers.” If you’re looking for an educational site, then this is it.

  1.  TED Talks

The TED Talks website features a collection of short videos on varied business topics. Inspiring videos include Red Ventures CEO- Ric Elias on “3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed”,  Facebook COO-Sheryl Sandberg on “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”,  and Virgin founder-Richard Branson on “Life at 30,000 Feet.”

Its important to stay updated on current trends and educated on various issues that touch on business ventures in order to remain relevant in your space, and to possibly carve out your niche based on the experiences other have shared to ensure you dint fall into the same trap.

Don’t stop growing at whatever cost.

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